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TNM Media Corp Unlimited, LLC


Application Submission Guidelines

TNM Media-Corp Unlimited, LLC Application and Reel Submission Guidelines. 

  • You do not need professional pictures. If you have them we will accept them, but generally we prefer snapshots because they are more natural. Have a friend or family member take them for you. Color photos are preferred

  • Do not were makeup.

  • Do not pose.

  • Your background should be plain wall or bed sheet

  • Your background should be a solid color, form fitting shirt or tank top and form fitting jeans or skirt.

  • Please include your name, measurements (height, weight, bust, chest, hips, and waist), age, hair color, eye color, a contact phone number, and an address.

  • If you already have an agency it is customary to have them contact us before you can be placed at TNM.

  • Video and voice submissions should be in a standard MP3/MP4, WMV, DVD, FLV, or AVI format.

  • Your Video or audio submission should not be any longer than 5 minutes.

  • A title card at the beginning of your demo is a great way to start out. It should include your name and your web address.

  • Each clip should be well edited and it should not over show you. You don’t want to show the entire scene/show/film/etc, you want to give a glimpse and leave them wanting more

  • Make sure it is project specific. Ask yourself: What do they need to see if you can’t be in the room?

  •  When compiling material for a specified audition, do not cut together the best portions

  • it should be shown in one take

  • If we are not interested please do not lose hope We are limited by what works for our market. Your look or type might not work for our agency at this particular time. We encourage you to resubmit your photos after six months. If you are seriously interested in modeling, with hard work and persistence, you can find success

  • For Upcoming Casting information Click Here

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