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The New Me- Words that Burn "Dancer’s Dream"

Dancer's Dream by Warren Gibson

If in the darkness our souls entwine

And the essence of your form from shadows does flee;

Teach me, So that I can embrace the subtleties of your temperament.

I hunger,

I hunger as passionately as the wolf, which for the moonlight pines.

I awaken;

I awaken to forms blooming in the darkest places.

I awaken;

Filling empty voids and empty spaces,

when in the darkness our forms entwine.

The vastness of our longing stirs the sleeping dreamer.


staring at beauty in her oblivious dance.


moving, rhythmically in a trance.

Weaving shapes with the colors of your mind;

As in the darkness our souls entwine.

© 2001 revised 2007

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