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Thoughts from the Inside: the Introduction

by Antijuian Bohlen

Each day presents the greatest opportunity known; the chance to start fresh. That same premise can be magnified when it comes to a new year. There are resolutions made, goals set, habits to be enforced and broken. Chances can prove themselves either fortuitous, or squandered. That simply lies with the individual. My suggestion is THAT THE BEST BE MADE OF EACH OPPORTUNITY.

As the writer of this column, my goal is to bring insightful, enlightening, and provocative views. I hope to broaden your horizons and help to build a better you, me, the very foundation of a better culture, society and world.

Allow me to make one thing as clear as the picture show on your 1080p ultra definition television screen. My intentions are to utilize this column to express myself, share my views, and more than anything, be thought provoking. Thought is the cynosure (guide) of all action, and that is one element of life we so vehemently need in our world today.

As this column traverses (travels) its navigated, yet uncharted course, if by chance those secondary but by no means any less important elements of hope, insight, enlightenment, horizon expansion, and the formulation of a better world are realized, embraced and applied, then that in and of itself is the bonus and my purpose is validated and worthwhile. Be on the lookout for more.

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